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Mobile Podcast Service for Spanish podcasts

By mobilemonte
Creado 08/01/2007 - 15:03

Hi All

Our company, Bamboo, has a European-based mobile podcasting service. It runs in the UK with leading UK podcasters (www.mobipod.britcaster.com [1]). In late January, we will be launching the "next generation" version, MediaToob, worldwide. See www.bamboomc.com [2] for details, and the frontpage will look like: http://bamboomc.com/MediaToob.png [3].

The service will emphasize European podcasters, and especially Spain, France, Germany and the UK.

We use real-length audio & video podcasts, and to join, all we need from a podcaster is an email with their rss feed URL, and an acceptance of the terms below. All the rest is automatic.

Why should you join MediaToob?

1. MediaToob will allow you to reach users worldwide
2. MediaToob will allow you to reach users who have a mobile phone but not an iPod.
3. You can use the exact same podcast.
4. MediaToob is working closely with European mobile operators who will be launching MediaToob-based mobile podcast services. So it is a great opportunity for you to get involved.
5. Your podcast, and its icon and description will be displayed visibly on the Mediatoob site for the world to see. Furthermore, on the site, a Spanish flag will lead to a Spanish section, so your podcast will be displayed as one of the premier podcasts from Spain. Finally, a "podcast of the week" feature on the site will allow exclusive exposure to different podcasts on a daily rotating basis.
6. MediaToob is a unique technology that pushes the latest podcast episode automatically to the mobile phone, such as overnight. Your latest show is accessible immediately on the phone, always one click away. Off-line, even on the subway.
7. It is easy to both join and remove yourself from the service

How to join MediaToob?

Just sent an email to [email protected] [4] with your RSS feed URL address. In the email just say "I accept the terms below". The rest is automatic!

Terms: I am the owner of the podcast content or am authorized to act on his/her behalf. I authorize MediaToob to host my podcast, re-encode the content if necessary, and distribute it to mobile users. I understand that I may request MediaToob to remove my podcast from the service at any time by sending an email to [email protected] [5]

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